Meant to Be Mine: Do You Believe in Fate?

Review: Meant to Be Mine by Hannah Orenstein

What if you knew the exact date you are destined to meet the love of your life? Would you want to know? The main character of Hannah Orenstein’s newest novel, Meant to Be Mine, knows when she is destined to meet hers. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be? I was so excited to see that Hannah Orenstein has a new book coming out because I absolutely loved her novel Head Over Heels that came out in 2020. You can read my full review here! Hannah’s newest book has the same addictive writing style; you won’t be able to put this down! Meant to Be Mine publishes on Tuesday June 7, 2022 from Atria Books!

What if you knew exactly when you’d meet the love of your life? Edie Meyer knows. When her Grandma Gloria was a young woman, she had a vision of the exact day she would meet her soul mate—and then Grandpa Ray showed up.

Since then, Gloria has accurately predicted the day every single member of the family has met their match. Edie’s day arrives on June 24, 2022, when she’s twenty-nine years old. She has been waiting for it half her life. That morning, she boards an airplane to her twin sister’s surprise engagement, and when a handsome musician sits beside her, she knows it’s meant to be.

But fate comes with more complications than Edie expected and she can’t fight the nagging suspicion that her perfect guy doesn’t have perfect timing. After a tragedy and a shocking revelation rock Edie’s carefully constructed world, she’s forced to consider whether love chooses us, as simple as destiny, or if we choose it ourselves.

This was definitely not your run of the mill romance novel. It turned many of the conventions we’ve grown to expect from the genre on their heads. While I was able to predict a couple things, I didn’t know how or when they were likely to happen, which made this a really enjoyable read. The premise of the book does require the reader to suspend reality for a bit, but I didn’t feel that it took away from how lovely this book is! I’m excited to read whatever Hannah Orenstein writes next. Romance readers will definitely want to pick this one up this summer!

              Click HERE to pre-order Meant to Be Mine from a Seat at the Table Books in Elk Grove, CA! It will be available everywhere on Tuesday June 7th!

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